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Jiangsu Cable Personalized TV Experience Boost 30% of TV Revenue Using “Vision CEP” Platform

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Jiangsu Cable Network (“JSCN”), the world 2nd largest Cable TV network operator by number of subscriber, continues to maintain its market leading status both with the enormous size of its subscriber base, and its vision in actively deploying new technologies to improve the overall customer experience in its Pay TV service. By end of Q1 2012, the number of total subscriber’s terminal reach has gone beyond the 10 million marks, topping in 12.8 million. More than 18% of such total has migrated from the traditional monolithic broadcasting-only service, over to its 2-way services populated by a good array of interactive, revenue-generating applications. To simply put: in almost every 6 subscribers, there is 1 interacting with the rich offerings of JSCN value-added services.


JSCN tap onto DMX’s flagship product, Vision CEP – an N-screen content discovery platform, aims at transforming all its existing
content/services offering into real-time, N-screen personalized TV services. This greatly extends the appeal and relevance of
JSCN’s TV subscribers’ portal, which had been a key factor throughout its years of successful operation.

Through the use of Vision CEP, and with the help of DMX subject matter expert team, JSCN can, by collecting its subscribers behavioral data, understand its users’ demographic and hence derive the specific user behavioral model with local favor. These dynamic information is continually being managed and applied by Vision CEP, to provide real time delivery of personalized recommendation across multiple services and multiple screens, under different content consumption situations.


Based on DMX’s Vision CEP, JSCN has adopted a multi-phased approach to progressively rolling-out personalized TV services. In April 2012, personalized Video-on-demand (“VOD”) service was launched, and business intelligence indicated an immediate jump in revenue due to a direct result of VOD click-through channeled via Vision CEP. Based on the existing reporting figures, the percentage increase of total VOD revenue is over 30%.
For subsequence phases, JSCN and DMX plan on to further extend the use of Vision CEP, onto other key value-added business such as Live TV, Time-Shift & Pause-Live, TV-shopping…etc., with the high expectation of revenue jump for each services similar to personalized VOD.


Adapted from KDDI’s patented recommendation and delivery technologies, Vision CEP is a platform designed for making personalized recommendations through awareness of context and situation and is cross services i.e. N-screen, It incorporated with the latest Fixed, Mobile and Broadcast Convergence (“FMBC”) technology which allow TV and mobile operators to simultaneously adapt and share content across TV, Internet and mobile phones.  With the use of Vision CEP, JSCN is transforming itself from traditional one-way TV broadcast, through the phase of conventional interactive STB-based services, to now convergent cross-screen, multi-services & multi-network business with personalized TV experience.  Leveraging on cross-screen interactions and cross service recommendations, JSCN is now in a key position to increase the stickiness of their subscribers, attract and retain customers and generate higher revenue from the new services.  Under the China 3 network convergence policy, 1st round pilot cities’ trial projected to be completed in 2015.  JSCN, being one of the 12 selected pilot cities in the 1st round, is now in the pole position to once again leading the market and industry with the immediate success story of the use of Vision CEP.


Written by dmxtech

June 22, 2012 at 5:32 pm

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