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DMX partners with ChinaUnionPay subsidiary to provide cloud-based mobile POS services

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Singapore, 4 March 2013 – DMX Technologies Group Limited, (“DMX”, “宏天科技” or the “Group”), a leading integrated network infrastructure and digital media solutions provider, has partnered with ChinaUnionpay Merchant Services Co., LTD (“Chinaums”, “银联商务有限公司”), a subsidiary of ChinaUnionPay (“中国银联”), to provide its cloud-based enterprise mobile application, D-Smart Point-of-Sale (“POS”) to chain retailers in China, further expanding the D-Smart application across China. The application will be marketed under the brand name of “银联商务智能店铺管家” and will be launched in March 2013.

Chinaums is the largest merchant services operator in China, focusing on bankcard acquisition and third-party services.  It provides quality, efficient and standardized services for card issuers, merchants and cardholders through its far-reaching service network across China.  Founded in 2002, Chinaums has grown to be the largest bank card acquisition agency with 1.99 million merchants as their customers. Among Chinaums’ customer base, many of them are large chain retailers with more than one retail outlet. The integration of the mobile POS service is expected to reduce maintenance downtime, provide value-add service to its customers and consequently increase another revenue stream for Chinaums.

D-Smart POS is one out of a suite of applications on the D-Smart platform, and is offered to enterprise customers as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) under the Group’s fast-growing New Media division. The application provides real-time sales and inventory management services via smartphones and tablets. Eliminating the need for initial high investment in hardware and software, customers need only undertake monthly subscription services, thereby reducing capital expenditure and enhancing flexibility and efficiency of their operations.

“This new collaboration between DMX and China’s largest bank card acquisition agency will allow us to introduce more D-Smart applications to a wider base of enterprise customers. Companies are embracing new technological ideas to reduce cost and increase efficiency, and we are confident that the D-Smart POS service, as well as the variety of applications under the D-Smart umbrella, can enable them to achieve that.

 Our partnership with Chinaums comes on the back of our contract with the subsidiary of Japan’s largest fashion apparel manufacturer and wholesaler, to offer D-Smart POS services to its warehouse and retail stores in China.  As we witness a growing interest in our D-Smart solutions, we are positive that we will be able to gain traction and expand our footprint in China.” 

 – Jismyl Teo (“张楚琴”), CEO of DMX Technologies

Under the partnership, DMX and Chinaums will undertake a revenue sharing scheme based on service uptake. DMX China will build and integrate the D-Smart POS with Chinaums’ wireless credit card POS system, while further enhancing Chinaums’ services with wireless printer and cashbox functionalities. Chinaums will also promote D-Smart POS to their branch offices and to the existing chain retailers nationwide.

 “We are keen to work with DMX’s New Media division as they offer many innovative solutions, tapping onto new technologies that leverage on cloud networks and mobile applications. D-Smart POS is able to enhance our existing offerings by providing accurate, real-time data in a seamless fashion. The service can also benefit our existing retailers that are currently using our credit card POS machine in terms of business and financial feasibility. We will work hand-in-hand with DMX to promote D-Smart POS to our chain retailers nationwide.”

 – Sui Tao (“眭涛”), General Manager, Business Technology Management of Chinaums


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